A Mindbruising Question #5




How can we know if a tree exists when we are not looking?

Humans are sight dependent however it is no more yet no less but equal to the remaining senses. Therefore if we can see a tree but not feel it, it doesn’t seize to exist, it is still there. Applying the same logic, whether or not the tree is available to any of our senses is irrelevant to it’s existence. If it were to be otherwise, it would suggest that our minds create what’s around us which produces the destructive question of “Why are we then, incapable of creating what we desire on command?”.

An argument could be made that our subconscious mind has created the world without the knowledge or consent of the conscious, however it would be a frail attempt to preserve the idea as there would be many ways of explaining why that is impossible whether it be logical or medical. One way to explain it would be that the subconscious mind of a toddler is ought to be different than an adults. Which leads one to wonder why the world has remained the same since our childhood. There is one problem with that idea though. How can we make sure our memories are reliable? How can we know there’s a tomorrow and yesterday was real? The only thing we probably know for sure is right now. This thought process suggests a self-sabotaging view of oneself thus being less pleasant to the mind which makes this idea seemingly less probable, which (objectively) it isn’t.

What do you think? Share you thoughts with a comment, this is an entirely subjective matter!


The Escape From Self



We have a general idea of who we are however the average human being is poisoned with doubt. Confidence lives on a second-to-second basis, thoughts and ambitions even less. We think we are so superior yet we are anything but. We all have an ideal in our minds of a perfect us yet nobody knows how to bridge the gap. The key here is to understand that the gap doesn’t actually exist. 

The perfect you is locked up within waiting to be unleashed and people only realize the fact when a traumatic experience breaks the cage by chance. It’s all down to a moment of sobriety. Not from alcohol, not from drugs, not from entertainment but a moment to sober up from yourself. What set us apart and put us at the top of the food chain was our ability to recognize patterns. We now live inside the box we created, our worlds have become the patterns we created. There’s been nothing stopping you, you’ve just been searching for your keys around your apartment when they were in your pocket. The moment you wake up from the dreary, comatose and absolutely useless dream you call your life right now and look at facts you’ll achieve an understanding of yourself and the time you’ve wasted.

You’re lazy, we as a species are lazy. We are so incapable of actually doing something that we daydream to get a taste of our ambitions and move on to shit sitcoms and internet. The most important thing we’ve lost way down the road was the thirst for knowledge. Knowledge is like a drug, you’ll be addicted once you start using. You can become so much more! Learn new languages, learn about astronomy and global politics, travel, work out, whatever else and strive to become the absolute best you can be. You can look great, feel great but most importantly BE GREAT. 

So what is stopping you? When will you realize that while deluding yourself in your excuses you’ve become your own arch nemesis? When will you become the most interesting and amazing person you know?

It’s 10:27 in Istanbul and I’m off to climb the ladder. 

A Mindbruising Question #2



The age old question:

If there’s a grand architect of the universe, then who created him?

When you ask that question you create a paradox. If somebody created God than who created him? If something did, then who created that god? You then end up with an infinite number of gods that created each other and it becomes an endless circle.

The way modern religions relieve themselves of this is to propose an omnipotent god. That also is a paradox in itself. The omnipotence paradox aka the stone paradox goes like this:

“Could an omnipotent being create a stone so heavy that even that being could not lift it?”

If the being could create such a stone than it would no longer be omnipotent since being unable to lift the stone. If not, then it seems the being was not omnipotent after all.

Tune into the WORLD!




Take a moment, close your weary eyes. Breathe in as if your last breath and let it out like a long goodbye. Clear your mind and relax every muscle, eliminate all thought. When you open your eyes you are going to focus on everything going on around you. Every sound, move, smell and sight. 

Pick one place to stare at and keep your eyes on it like a dart on point. Let your ears flood with noise. For a while, if you’re doing it right, it’s going to be overwhelming. However, just as you were working so hard to master tuning out the outside world as a baby, now you’re going to master tuning into it. There’s a devastating amount of information around you. Every person, each with individual lives, thoughts, emotions, ambitions, fears, turn ons, turn offs. They all occupy that space in a specific time right in front of your eyes for a reason. You’re witnessing beating hearts, breathing lungs moving forward in life. Every single second fading before you realize it even arrived. The world now seems alive, pumping life through its veins, moving, all for a specific purpose: Order in Chaos

Behold, the world! You’re all the same to it. It won’t take care of you, embrace you or be kind to you but it will be the cause for everything that happens. It will be the inspiration to an amazing song, the body of the most humanly poem. It’ll give with most generosity and take with merciless vengeance. It neither loves not hates you. You are here, now. Where do you want to go next? There is nothing stopping you from doing anything you want other than yourself. You are free. What does your heart desire? You’re only a decision away from waking up in a hotel room overlooking the Shanghai skyline or having coffee waiting for the patisserie to open in Paris. You’re a tiny decision away from leaving the job that you hate but took anyway because of the very thing that corrupts your life, money. Everybody’s only concern in the world is money. They see it as a goal and not means to achieve your dreams. People will work their entire lives believing doing what you love won’t pay the bills. FORGET ABOUT THEM! Don’t be afraid to confess your love! Embrace your passions! Move a step closer to your wildest dream! Be spontaneous, be erratic! Realize how little you get to experience the wonders of this world and make it count! 

If you’re still sitting in the same place after reading this, you’re doomed. Don’t think, just go! It’s 06:20 pm in Istanbul and I gotta get a new visa so I’ll leave you with this tea: T