A Mindbruising Question #4



Let’s say, for instance, you built a wooden boat and named it Lucy. Eventually you got bored and started replacing the wood with metal piece by piece over the course of a couple of weeks. Soon enough the whole boat was made of metal. So with all the wood you took out, now laying on the side, you decided to build another boat.

After it’s complete, which one is Lucy?

Strangely enough there isn’t an answer neither science nor philosophy can give us. In a manner of speaking, your guess is as good as any. Here’s where it gets interesting. (Think of the answer you gave as you read this next part).

You WERE the wooden boat seven years ago but you NO LONGER ARE. You see the body replaces your cells every seven years. So would you say YOU NOW and the YOU 7 YEARS AGO are the same human being? Maybe…maybe not.


An apologetic fuck you…


fuck you

We live in a world where the objective of those who love us is to discourage us from doing something we, god forbid, are passionate about. They make us feel embarrassed for wanting to have a blog, write a book or hell, become an impromptu dramatic poetry reader in a dimly-lit coffee house surrounded by those who despise the corporations that they make rich and own one too many pairs of wayfarers.

To those loved ones I say, with all the deepest love and respect, FUCK YOU! How many times have you not done something or haven’t told anybody, not even your closest friend or family about what you wanted to do next? About an idea that’s been scratching itself into your brain and keeping you up when you’re in silence at night trying to fall asleep. How many times have you tried to do something and with the utmost hesitation posted it on Facebook for your friends to see and not get a single glance from even your roommate or sibling? My point being we mislead ourselves into seeking advice from the ones we love. An astoundingly important question at this point is ‘Why?’

Why do you need the opinion of someone else or even approval for that matter? Why do people constantly give in to their insecurities and doubts? If you’re here reading this, though I can hear these words echo off the walls of a cricket filled hallway (somehow, don’t ask), you know what I’m talking about otherwise you’d get your ass back to Netflix and snacks faster than a literature professor corrects his students’ grammar. You want to make an astonishing change in your life? Great! Think about the questions you ask yourself throughout everyday. Seriously, focus on em’ and sooner than later you’ll realize how much you include others in your decisions. Live for yourself, live to please yourself, live to be in peace within yourself! Only then will you begin to be pleasing to others around you.

Do you think Newton ever uttered the words “Yo brethren, I have been thinking about this thing called Gravity what’s up gimme some headers yo” No! He never said that! In fact he invented something that would haunt students around the globe for centuries and change math forever called Calculus and kept it to himself for three decades! Why? Because he did it for himself! He didn’t ask for approval, he just did. Einstein never wondered if anyone could relate to the theory of relativity, John Lennon didn’t ask Yoko for appro…..no wait, he did. Never mind Lennon, you get my point. The sooner you realize that you’re doing something for YOU and what anyone thinks is not relevant, the better!

Here’s the end to my hardly prolific first post, it’s 02:52am somewhere in the mediterranean and I need a cigarette so I’ll leave you with this quote:  (“)